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If you’re looking for an in-Depth Review of the Uwell Caliburn, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve tried most pods on the market and have unfortunately been let down a few times. Dud coils, dry hits, weak batteries and faulty contacts & leaky pods were all too frequent. Despite the many drawbacks of early generation pod devices, the attractiveness of their form factor and their efficiency as stealthy, daily carries far outweigh the associated cons. As the technology becomes more refined and more manufacturers are stepping up to the plate, we were due for our first groundbreaking device, and here it is:

The Caliburn by Uwell was released earlier in 2019 and has been surrounded by hype ever since its debut in Canada and the United States. Uwell, who are known for their high-performance Sub-Ohm tanks launched their first pod device to much critical acclaim. Reputed for their high flavor-fidelity tanks, readily available at fair price and providing great value for vapers all around the world, Uwell is becoming a powerhouse manufacturer. After having used my Caliburn as an every-day carry for a few months, here are my thoughts!

Uwell Caliburn specs

  • 520mAh battery rechargeable via USB
  • 110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm
  • Output: 11W
  • Capacity: 2mL
  • Resistance: 1.4 ohms
  • Dual airflow
  • LED Battery indicator (Green > 60% | Blue = 30%-60% | Red < 30%)
  • Aluminum alloy
  • 34 grams
  • Draw-activated and button-activated firing mechanism
  • Dual fill ports on pod
  • Short circuit protection
  • It is available in BLACK, GRAY, RED, PINK, BLUE, IRIS PURPLE (Blue & Purple marbled fade)

Uwell Caliburn Packaging Contents

My first impressions

In the style of recent Uwell products, the Caliburn’s packaging stays within the same theme. A clean, rectangular black box with gold trim open to reveal your brand new Caliburn resting snugly in a foam insert. A pod is already installed with a plastic film separating the battery from the pod’s contact points. To the right of the foam insert is a thin cardboard box containing one micro-usb charging wire and a replacement pod packaged in a blister pack. Unlike the Crown IV coils, these blister packs do NOT require scissors or teeth to open; if you know, you know.

Device feel

The device feels light yet sturdy in one’s hands. The button is located 2/3 of the way up the device, allowing for a comfortable grip while the button rests under your thumb’s natural resting position. In my opinion, it is more ergonomic and pleasant to hold than the rounder, more teardrop-shaped devices such as the Renova Zero or the Suorin Drop.

(Re)Filling your pods

The refilling system is very convenient: the drip tip slides off the pod exposing both fill ports on either side of the chimney. Be careful not to pour your juice down the middle hole as it will flood the coil. It is easy to refill on either side. In my experience with the Caliburn, a 50/50 ratio works best, although you’ll be fine vaping up to a 70/30 if you’re not chain vaping and it isn’t a rough juice.

Using the Caliburn

The draw-activated firing is quite sensitive and is rather functional. Most vapers who are/were JUUL & STLTH users will be comfortable with how well the system operates on this device. The button has a nice feel to it and has a satisfying, distinguishable good click.

After letting the coil prime for the recommended 15 minutes, we’re off to the races; with a full charge, the vape is delicious. It fires fast, consistently and delivers an impressive amount of vapor production for a device this tiny. The airflow is a little looser than what you’d expect from a JUUL or STLTH, but more restrictive than the SMOK NORD’s 0.6-ohm coil. I can pick up on some of the more subtle nuances in the flavors I vape and whether it is a dessert, menthol or fruit flavor, the Cali hits all the high notes.

Pods, pods, pods

A fresh, properly primed pod that isn’t fired when dry has been able to produce optimal results in terms of flavor for, on average, 3-5 days. After that, although it is a noticeably slight decrease in performance, it still blows most competing pods out of the water. You can easily get 1-2 weeks per pod depending on frequency of use and whether you always want to be getting the best flavor possible. Considering device cost and the cost-per-pod, pods are not an inconvenience with this kit.

Battery life hasn’t been an issue to me thus far, but I tend to spend most of my time within range of a computer or charger, so I might not be the best example. I can spread a charge over a day on most occasions and I am a rather heavy user. After two months, I have yet to notice any drops in battery life or decrease in power. Due to it’s tiny yet efficient 520mAh battery, a 30-minute quick charge and you’re good to go for the day!

Final thoughts

Since I’ve had my Caliburn, I’ve made sure that all my friends around me have one, and the verdict has been unanimous thus far. It’s simple, it works great, it provides a wonderful flavor experience and is overall a great value-buy! This is a great device if you tend to flop between DTL and MTL vaping as it can easily be used as a restrictive DTL as well.


Did you find this review helpful? What has your experience with the Uwell Caliburn been like? Leave us a comment down below!


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